The Functions of Oncotarget

Oncotarget is a medical journal with open access that is weekly peer-reviewed. The journal covers research on all issues concerning oncology. Oncotarget was started in 2010. The Impact Journals are its publishers. Mikhail Blagosklonny and Andrei Gudkov are both from the Roswell Park Cancer Institute. They serve as Oncotarget’s editors-in-chief. Oncotarget is a multidisciplinary journal. It publishes its papers online every week. Every article or issue can be printed in case a reader has a special demand. Oncotarget has been serving its readers with scientific research results for more than seven years. It has acquired a reputation as an efficient and reliable oncology journal.

The mission of Oncotarget is to avail scientific results to their international readers rapidly. The Journal also uses insightful review so as to maximize the research impact. Oncotarget enables quick sharing of exceptional discoveries. The journal has helped to remove the border that has been in existence between specialties. Oncotarget aims to connect various biomedical science fields and to promote the applications of both clinical and basic science in battling the disease. Oncotarget is headed by some of the most prominent scientists in the world. The journal has assisted many researchers in contributing to the progress and growth of science. The ultimate goal of Oncotarget is to ensure that people live a life with no diseases. Learn more about Oncotarget at

The Journal has managed to launch other sections apart from oncology because of the success that it has experienced over the years. These include cardiology, neuroscience, cell biology, endocrinology, all areas of pharmacology, metabolism, and many more topics. The journal encourages young scientists to send their papers and articles on scientific research. Oncotarget has risen in popularity among readers because of the constructive, insightful, and punctual release of scientific results. Four Oncotarget members won the breakthrough prize in 2013. These members include Alexander Varshavsky, Michael Hall, Stephen Elledge, and Bert Vogelstein.

Oncotarget is the sponsors of the Gordon Research Conference. The journal has an impact factor of 5.008. This is according to reports by the Journal Citation in 2012. The word Oncotarget encompasses all cellular functions, molecules, and pathways found in aging and cancer. Check Oncotarget journal at

Arthur Becker – Reaching New Milestones in his Career

Arthur Becker is currently the managing members of the Madison Partners. According to Perez Hilton, before joining Madison Partners, he worked at the Zinio at an executive position which is one of the largest newsstand companies in the world. He has also been part of NaviSite for many years. He had always been interested in real estate for many years, but only started to pursue a career in it since 2011.

Arthur Becker has not only invested successfully in real estate properties himself but has helped his clients do the same. For those looking to learn about how to invest in real estate industry, he is the person one can go to. According to him, one reason why people fail in real estate is because they do not have a long-term goal. One needs to think about long-term strategies to be successful. People might have money to invest, but if they do not use it to buy a property or land that will give them high ROI, all of their money will go to waste. Thus, one needs to be careful when investing. He also encourages people to use the financing facilities to invest in real estate for the future. Since borrowing money today has become easier, one can easily utilize them to invest with lesser risk.

When asked by a NY Magazine reporter about the reason behind his success, he stated that it is only because he loves his work that he is successful. He finds it easy to carry out his business as he does not have to follow strict business meetings and do so in flexible timings and places. One of his true love, however, remains the biotech industry, where he continuously invests in. He has invested in many cancer treatment researches and would continue to do so.

Arthur Becker is currently overlooking two important real estate projects, the townhouses in Sullivan Street, New York and another luxury condo in Tribeca, He is always on the lookout for properties in areas where the prices of the properties are expected to appreciate in the coming years. He is not afraid to take calculative risks, and most of his investments have been successful so far because of this.

Igor Cornelsen’s Guidelines on how to be a Successful Investor in Brazil

Brazil is currently regarded as one of the world’s fastest developing countries due to its growth rate in the past few years. This prosperity has enabled the region to attract many investors. The primary industries that most people invest in include finance, infrastructure, and agriculture. Any business on that would like to expand its undertakings to other regions of the world can open up a branch in Brazil. The most profitable area where people should capitalize in is the Agriculture sector since the country is regarded as one the leading producer of food across the globe on Crunchbase. Brazil is also one of the largest nations in the world, and therefore, it offers opportunities to people who would like to venture into infrastructure projects.

Igor Cornelsen is a renowned Brazilian banker who is well informed on the country’s investment sector. He has been offering tips to people on the best ways that they can invest. The first pointer that Igor Cornelsen gives is that individuals should connect with the population to develop a network. It is important for people to develop healthy relationships for them to be successful. He advises the investors to meet as many people as possible at About a quarter of the adults in Brazil are entrepreneurs, and therefore, it is important to establish good relationships with people on social networks such as Facebook.

Another guide that Igor Cornelsen offers is that people should watch the red tape when venturing into business in Brazil. The country has several business regulations that should be followed. These rules make the investors deal with the government many times when conducting their business activities.

The investment banker’s third tip is that investors should have excellent knowledge of the policies that are involved in foreign exchange. Foreign exchange rates in the country are different, and they depend on the type of transaction. According to Brazilian laws, the exchange of currency can only be conducted by a bank that has been authorized to take part in the business. It is important for the investors to be updated on the exchange rates and the banks that offer the best services.

Stay Great – Securus Technologies

The public safety field is always in need of new technologies that will assist them with problems that creep up. The company, Securus Technologies is adept at creating these technologies, and they want to help solve the problems in the public safety field. Just recently, they created a technology called the Wireless Containment Solution that the correction facilities have implemented into use to curtail crimes happening over the wireless networks. he technology is so appreciated by the facilities, and they are successfully using it on a regular basis. It is able to stop crimes before they can be committed inmates with the help of outsiders that are contacted through the wireless networks.


Securus Technologies wasn’t the only company that tried to handle this problem by creating a new technology, but they were the only one that succeeded in doing so. The other companies lacked the expertise and the resources to create one. T


The company wants to share their successes with the public, and they have invited the people to come for a tour and presentation of their Dallas, TX site. The people will get to see the new technologies that are being worked on, ask questions, and enjoy learning all about the public safety field.


Securus Technologies is a company that hires professionals to staff its units that are dedicated to the public safety field. Since they are the leader in the industry, they are able to do many things that will help with the public’s safety. They generate new technologies on a weekly basis, and they continue to hold their lead against their competitors. They deal with the government continually, and service both the civil and criminal sides of the justice system. The deal with over a million inmates by using techniques like monitoring, investigating and videotaping. In the future, they will provide many more extraordinary accomplishments in their field. They will be in the headlines more and more, and the people will want to watch for what all they do in the future. The company will continue to astound others with what they can do, and the world will continue to take notice.


Reasons Why You May Need Online Reputation Management

Building a good reputation as an individual or a business can take years. However, it only takes a matter of minutes before it is destroyed. With the advent of technology, which gave birth to the internet, online reputation management has become more crucial than ever. A study conducted in 2014 revealed that there is existence of biases in online platforms, especially on Google. The research proved that Google has a high affinity to negative articles about companies or individuals compared to good ones. Some of these negativity have dire consequence even in situations where the victim has done nothing wrong. In this post, I am going to discuss situations that can compel us to have online reputation management techniques.

One of the things that make people fall victims of online reputation damage without their knowledge is mistaken identity. It is highly possible that your name could match somebody who has a criminal background, so that Google gives results related to criminal activities. Your company’s name might also be related to another firm that is notorious in SLA violations. This could hamper your efforts of getting a job as an individual or recruiting new customers as a company. Hence, there is need to build a strong reputation online to mitigate the effects of such confusions.

A bad reputation online can also be life threatening. Some people may resort to attacks when they are unhappy with a person’s reputation regardless whether the victim committed the offense or not. The attacks may be physical or remote. The best way to go about this and limit the risks of attacks due to bad reputation online is to have a reviews management team and start on improving the search results that compromise your safety.

The internet also provides a very conducive environment for those who have malicious intentions towards your business. Some people also use the internet as a revenge platform. Given that a person can write whatever he or she likes on the platforms, your reputation can be severely damaged in the process. Cases like this have become rampant hence it is important that you employ highly effective online reputation management techniques to prevent such incidences.