Dick DeVos Shed Some Light on Dick and Betsy Foundation Donations; the Report Exudes Generosity

Dick and Mrs. Betsy are legendary philanthropists world over. Through the internationally revered Dick and Betsy DeVos Family Foundation, the couple is believed to donate handsomely to various causes. The Betsy DeVos appointment for the U.S Education Secretary prompted the couple to reveal what entails their giving.


Education Donations


A report hosted on the foundation’s website showed that $11.6 million went to charitable organizations in 2015. Campaign donations totaled $5.3 million in the last five years. The couple is passionate about good education for all children. It is no wonder that most of their giving goes to support education causes. This giving amounted to more than $3 million in 2015. Another 3% percent went to organizations that promote reforms in the education sector. Dick DeVos remarked that the donations are an evidence of their quest for equal educational rights. Over the years, they came to a realization that the existing education system sidelined kids from poor neighborhoods. They have since launched several platforms that fight for these rights. The breakdown for the year 2013 donation towards schools showed that $50,000 went to Compass College of Cinematic Arts. About $100,000 to Ferris State University and $25,000 to Detroit Charter School Company New Urban Learning. Alma mater Northwood University benefitted from a $200,000 donation. Potter’s House received three hundred and one thousand dollars while West Michigan Aviation Academy received $350,000. Rehoboth Christian School were beneficiaries of $50,000.


Other Donations


After Education, Arts & Culture came second in the couple’s priority list. Their concern was in the management of the art community. They believe that the future of arts depends on today’s management. Of their total charitable giving in 2015, $2.4 million went to arts organizations. According to the record, 16 percent went to the local communities and others. Leadership and development received 13 percent and public policy 12 percent. Nearly 5 percent was awarded to health and human resource while 4 percent went to churches. The remarkable thing about the couple’s donations is that it has no strings attached. According to Dick DeVos, their giving is purely meant to help the intended people directly.


About Dick DeVos


Dick DeVos is presently the President and chair of the Grand Rapids-based Windquest Group. He has held this post since the year 2002. Prior, Dick DeVos was the Amway Global CEO. He was also the NBA’s Orlando Magic’s President cum general director.






A Look At Some Fantasy Baseball Picks That Are On The Rise

Brandon C. Williams recently published an article on some top rotating picks for Major League Baseball fantasy leagues. Williams is a baseball fanatic and a keen follower and player of fantasy baseball. Here are some of his top rotating picks that are seeing a big rise in popularity as published on the NY Daily News.


One of the top rotating players outlined for fantasy football leagues by Brandon C. Williams was outfielder, Ben Gamel. This slugger has been brought to the Major League from the minor leagues where he now bats for the Mariners. Gamel has been on a hot streak lately with two home runs, 11 runs batted in and a whopping 373% batting average. Now a staple in the Mariners lineup, Gamel is seeing an increase in ownership. Williams states that this player also has a lot of potential for being a leader in stolen bases. This is if his stats in the minor leagues are a forecast of what is to come in the major leagues.


Another up and coming pick for rotating spots is first baseman Rhys Hoskins. This players has moved up from Double A to Triple A and is fast becoming a powerful batter with consistency. If you have the space or minor league team to hold him, pick him up.


One of the best ways to give your team an edge in the fantasy leagues is by looking at up and coming players such as those highlighted by Brandon C. Williams in his NY Daily News article. A great site to research players for your fantasy league MLB lineup is called Fantasy Alarm. You will have access to all kinds of metrics and info that can let you spot players that are rising stars.

US Money Reserve’s Online Enhancements

Reaffirming its position as a distinguished innovator in the precious metals market, US Money Reserve released their  newly re-designed website. The enhanced web functionality supports the vision of Ryan Buchanan, VP of Brand and Creative, to “have a fully responsive tool [that delivers] quality content across all platforms” and “[to] offer the world’s best precious metals through [their] secure online storefront.

Users of the new website are in for quite an online experience. The new offerings include “The Free Gold Information Kit,” history of the United States Mint, trend and real time gold and silver charts and prices, information about how to benefit from adding precious metals to your IRA and a photo gallery featuring high quality and stunning images of precious metal coins from various periods in U.S. history.

For those collectors interested in additional information, the website features a news archive with articles related to financial market and gold ownership.

Supporting the firm’s leadership status in the high end investment metals market, the site educates investors highlighting US Money Reserve’s core values of trust and commitment to their customer’s financial interests. The online shop offers real-time bullion pricing. Customers are offered a selection of certified and exclusive investment coin sets and collections. Learn more about US Money Reserve: http://www.prnewswire.com/news-releases/us-money-reserve-encourages-visitors-to-explore-its-new-website-and-e-commerce-coin-catalogue-300225181.html

Client testimonials share customer satisfaction experiences . The company’s toll free phone number is provided to assist customers with questions related to US Money Reserve offerings and completing transactions. The Client-Connect Advantage option allows customers to provide their information for future contact by a specialist as well as to receive notifications about special offers not available on the website.

About US Money Reserve

Founded in 2001, Austin, Texas-based US Money Reserve is the only precious metals investment firm in the world to be led by a former Director of the US Mint, Paul Diehl. Bringing his firsthand expertise, Paul Diehl’s background is an asset giving the firm a huge advantage with providing service to their customers.

With more than 400,000 satisfied customers, US Money Reserve’s position as the industry leader of the precious metals market is well established.

With a highly skilled team of numismatic professionals and coin research professionals, the company is able to exceed the standards set by the industry and to offer their customers a superior service level with the goal of building a long term relationship with each of their rare metal investors.

Tammy Mazzocco, the Successful Real Estate Agent

In an interview with Inspire RY, Tammy stated that she became a realtor from an idea that came to her and was motivated by her peer manager and broker to get your license back in 1995. Tammy asserts that success in business is not necessarily just making money, but to pursue fitness and fruitful life. The real estate industry can be volatile so it takes a time to make a profit so starting out you have to be positive and never give up. Like any other business, there are times of difficulties and she confronts such situations with hard work, positive attitude, and meditations. Getting customers is the key to success in real estate so she is always looking out for her customer’s best interest. She had to earn the trust of her customers to get business and referrals. Tammy maintains that the future of real estate is good.

Tammy Mazzocco started her career as a secretary at the famous Edwards Realty Company in Ohio and rose through the ranks to a project manager. She worked in a team of 9 agents under the supervision of Mike Zelnik and then joined Scotland Yard Condominium as a manager. In 1995 she became a licensed real estate agent following the recommendation of Ken Cook, General Manager of Scotland Yard. More details can be found on Crunchbase.

Armed with a license and sufficient work experience, Tammy soon became a key figure in real estate that led her to work in T&R Properties as a manager. She became a personal assistant to Joe Armeni, a top RE/MAX producer in a high-class area of Columbus, Ohio. Today, Tammy has over 18 years’ experience in real estate making her a successful full-fledged top agent who sells residential real estate in four counties in Central Ohio, namely Franklin, Licking, Delaware, and Fairfield.

Click here: https://www.facebook.com/tammy.mazzocco.1

Jason Hope Promises Big Future With Internet Of Things

Is there any industry more involved or constantly evolving than that of the tech world? Every single day we see leaps and bounds in terms of tech evolution that should simply stun you.

Jason Hope, an inventor and entrepreneur based out of Arizona, thinks that he sees where the next huge trend in tech innovation is heading: the Internet of Things. The Internet of Things refers to a network that exists in our every day life: from automated cars to public transit controlled via GPS and satellite. This is all pretty futuristic so why does Hope believe it to be the future?

To put things simply, there is no greater potential for success than the world of consumer technologies. We are always looking for the next big thing and always ready for the next step in techno evolution. Hope, a Harvard graduate with a killer sense of humor, has placed his future in the hands of the Internet of Things. The Internet of Things takes all of the excitement of techno innovation and wraps it into a bundle that you can prepare to invest in. Right now, Jason Hope admits, the Internet of Things appears to be in its infancy. However, with the right encouragement he also believes that it could be the very future of our way of life.

Jason Hope has been busy both in and out of the corporate world. When he isn’t working hand-in-hand with tech companies Hope is working with his philanthropic foundations. Hope has worked directly with the Tony Hawk Foundation, Family Health International, the True Colors Fund and more.

Learn more about Jason Hope: http://www.wingsjournal.com/jason-hope-airlines-internet-of-things

Impact Of Podcast Adverts On Brand Awareness

Norman Pattiz is the current Executive Chairman of PodcastOne and he is also the founder. He has over 4 decades experience in radio syndication. PodcastOne is not the only company he established. He is also the founder of the famous Westwood One. He developed this outfit into America’s largest provider of all categories of news.

In 2010, he also founded courtside Entertainment Group. This group is known for the production and distribution of quality programming. Due to his numerous achievements, President Clinton appointed him in 2000 to serve on the Broadcasting Board of Governors of the United States of America. President Bush reappointed him two years later. This speaks volumes about him.

According to Biz Journals, in conjunction with Tom Webster, VP of Strategy in Edison Research, Norman Pattiz released the results of a comprehensive study. It is a series of studies of advertising tests using five major consumer brands across separate service and product categories.

This study is said to be the first of its kind. It was conducted over the last six months of 2016 and the results showed the impact of podcast on advertising. The study was conducted on podcasting advertising on brand recall, purchase intent and recall of certain messaging.

The study clearly showed that more than 60 percent of listeners selected a post-campaign of a particular brand of grocery. The percentage actually shot up from just 7 percent in the pre-study.

The awareness of unaided products increased by 47 percent from the pre-study to the post study while that of products of financial services providers increased by just 37 percent. The least increase was witnessed by garden and lawn products. It increased by just 24 percent. Learn more about Norman Pattiz: http://labusinessjournal.com/news/2015/aug/16/radio-turns-ear-demand/

The number of respondents who had favorable opinions of automobile aftermarket products increased from 18 percent in the pre-study to about 33 percent in the post-study while that of lawn and garden products increased from 16 percent to 22 percent in the post study.

The awareness of certain campaign message for a particular automobile increased by about 60 percent from pre-study to post-study and the awareness for casual dining restaurant increased by a whole 76 percent.

Some of the brands that were used for the study were already well known, they just launched new campaign message while the not so popular ones were looking for increased awareness. The awareness was verified before the 4 to 6 weeks of podcast adverts and after it.

As you can see, the results showed that listeners responded better to brand messages. Considering all the results outlined above, it is very clear that podcast advertising has a significant impact on several critical effectiveness measures.

Online Reputation News

Maintaining a positive image today is not only required in your city or town, but just about everywhere around the world with the use of the internet. Whether you’re a business tycoon, launching a startup, or simply seeking a new career position that is an ideal fit for you, ensure your online reputation is as clean as your persona when in person. One option and solution is to work together with an online reputation management company, says onlinereputationreviews.com, giving you an advantage over other individuals who choose to work on their online presence and reputation alone.

Retrieve Your Social Media History

Before applying for a new job or pitching ideas to investors, it’s important to scour your current social media accounts along with any official websites you own to determine whether or not you have any potentially damaging content available. Delete social media posts and blogs that others may find offensive, leading you to be turned down from a job offer or in some cases, being asked to resign.

Check Various Websites for Your Name or Account Name

Check various websites for your name including Google, Yelp!, LinkedIn, and any other publisher you have work on to guarantee your posts are void of negative commentary, opinions, or statements. Having negative reviews or comments that relate to you can quickly tarnish your online reputation. It is also important to check various pages from social media platforms ranging from Instagram and Twitter to Facebook, where you may have access to specific pages that represent your brand or the business you are looking to launch and run, selling any type of products or services.

Work Together With an Online Reputation Management Service

Work together with an online reputation management company or service to guarantee only positive results are shown to the public if they are researching you for a potential job position or if you are looking for an acceptance letter from a college. The more negative data about you that is scrubbed offline is a way to maintain a positive image and obtain the goals you have set for yourself, both professionally and personally.

Finance, Real Estate, Retail, Restaurants and More: Brian Bonar, the Sky’s the Limit

In July of 2013, San Diego Magazine, which features the best of San Diego, including restaurants published a review by Troy Johnson. The restaurant was Brian Bonar’s Bellamy’s in Escondido. The details of the piece make three things quite clear.

Mr. Johnson admires the provincial ambiance of Escondido thinking it an interesting contrast to the modern area of San Diego. He seems intimately familiar with fine French dining, and would probably place the offerings of Bellamy’s very near the top of San Diego’s upscale dining establishments.

Patrick Ponsaty is the man creating the dishes for Bellamy’s, and he is one of only two chefs in San Diego to be designated; The Master Chef of France. Ponsaty earned his prestigious designation at Rancho Bernardo Inn and answered the call when Bonar was looking for someone with the chops to create first class cuisine for Bellamy’s.

According to Bloomberg, Brian Bonar’s plan is to open more Bellamy’s locations which are why he needed a Master Chef. The next piece of the Bonar restaurant dynasty is an event space with a signature restaurant.

The new place is a 144-acre site not far from the first restaurant called the Ranch at Bandy Canyon. Acres of open grass covered land is available to hold the events topped off with the restaurant.

Cooper Daniels writes on BitsyLink in the summer of 2015 that Brian Bonar had other success before his realized dream of opening a restaurant. Brian is a very well-known and respected executive in the world of finance. He founded the Dalrada Financial Corporation where he currently serves as CEO, but by far his crowning achievement has been his recent work with Trucept Inc.

Between 1969 and the present, Bonar began working in a variety of positions. He is, in one way or another, associated with about 20 companies. Brian was a Procurement Manager, Director of Engineering, Vice President of Sales and Marketing, President, and Chairman and CEO. Some of these enterprises he founded and some he was simply a high-powered employee. The one thing these organizations had in common; with Brain at the helm they did very well.

Brian’s education includes a Bachelor’s degree in Technical Engineering from James Watt Technical College and a Master’s degree in Mechanical Engineering he earned from Stafford University.

His list of skills is extensive. The following are just a small sample; turn around management, finance, private equity, mergers and acquisitions, start-ups, new business development, and executive management and strategy. Brian Bonar is one very experienced and very impressive businessman.

U.S. Election Finance Reform Sought By End Citizens United

The End Citizens United group appears to be growing in supporters and political influence after being formed in 2015 with a limited aim of overturning the politically divisive issue of unlimited campaign funding that has blighted U.S. election cycles since it was introduced by the Supreme Court in 2010. The group has targeted the influence on elections of major donors, such as the Koch Brothers who have used their personal fortunes to support candidates who reflect their own beliefs, and in the view of End Citizens United are changing the policies of candidates who are battling to receive the patronage of these wealthy business people.


The short lifespan of the End Citizens United group has seen a huge level of funding flood into the organization to show just how dissatisfied the people of the U.S. have become with outside influences influencing major elections. During the 2016 election cycle the group raised around $25 million in its bid to raise awareness of the campaign finance issue and provide support for candidates who are friendly to the cause of campaign finance reform; this dedicated push to have a greater influence on the issue of campaign finances has seen End Citizens United become more involved with upcoming midterm elections in 2018, for which they hope to raise an impressive $35 million.


Average contributions towards End Citizens United have reached around $12 and upwards of $4 million had been donated by over 100,000 supporters during the first three months of 2017. Not only is the number of donors impressive over the short period of time in 2017, but the fact an estimated 40,000 donors had provided monetary support to End Citizens United for the first time has given fresh impetus to the group as they feel this level of first time support reflects the anger felt by everyday Americans across the nation.


The campaign materials of the End Citizens United PAC explain the major issue they are attempting to address is the political frustration many U.S. citizens feel as wealthy donors have taken the majority of power away from the average U.S. voter. Overturning the Citizens United Supreme court decision is no simple task and will involve gaining Congressional and state level support, which is why a major push has been made to back friendly candidates in midterms and special elections, such as the Congressional election in Georgia where End Citizens United hoped to raise $500,000 in support of a Democratic candidate in a traditionally Republican state. The decision to support Democrat’s was taken as the party and its politicians are more likely to support putting an end to the Citizens United decision, prompting End Citizens United to aim for $35 million in campaign contributions by the time of the 2018 midterm election cycle.


Betsy DeVos Is Jumping Right in As The Secretary of Education

When Betsy DeVos was nominated for the position of Secretary of Education, she faced a barrage of criticism about her policies of school choice and school vouchers. Her critics, largely coming from political opponents charged that she would want to destroy our present educational system and that she was a danger to our society.

Of course, that would be a disaster for anyone to try, as DeVos is a very concerned citizen regarding the state of our affairs concerning education. She has been a strong advocate of finding ways to serve better the inner city students as well as students in rural areas where funding is usually not as great as suburban schools.

Betsy DeVos operates with the same assumption that consumers do whenever they purchase any product. Rather than more choice resulting in the current public school model becoming destroyed, it should provide wider choices for parents and students regarding their education.

Read more: http://www.mlive.com/news/grand-rapids/index.ssf/2017/01/dick_and_betsy_devos_lift_the.html

When Uber and Lyft came out, offering ridesharing, the taxi companies had a fit, stating that it was unfair, but not mentioning that the Taxi companies have a monopoly in the larger cities where no new companies can ever start another taxi company. The same is true for the school districts.

DeVos asks the question to the point of why is it mandatory that students receive their education where quality is determined by the zip code in which they live? Would it not make more sense to give a quality education to students no matter where they live?

The technology that is available should be able to be applied to the problem. Most students already know how to operate a smartphone or a tablet, and there may not be a better device to use for delivering education than those types of products.

We are still using methods of educating our children that are the same as they were 400 years ago. The students are forced to come to a location and endure 4 or 5 30 minute lectures about subjects that are unconnected and have little or no meaning to the students. Why not rethink how students receive information and deliver it in the most meaningful way?

No one mandates that people take a Uber ride to the store, as there are many choices and people can usually decide for themselves how to handle most of their opportunities. DeVos has been very proactive in helping to set up and see first hand how school choice systems work.

She was very involved in the Detroit publically funded Charter School project that showed very promising results. Reading scores were way up, and so were graduation rates. This project took place over just a few years, but there was positive measured progress. This same idea is transferable and should be investigated more thoroughly. Visit dbdvfoundation.org to know more about their foundation.