Arthur Becker – Reaching New Milestones in his Career

Arthur Becker is currently the managing members of the Madison Partners. According to Perez Hilton, before joining Madison Partners, he worked at the Zinio at an executive position which is one of the largest newsstand companies in the world. He has also been part of NaviSite for many years. He had always been interested in real estate for many years, but only started to pursue a career in it since 2011.

Arthur Becker has not only invested successfully in real estate properties himself but has helped his clients do the same. For those looking to learn about how to invest in real estate industry, he is the person one can go to. According to him, one reason why people fail in real estate is because they do not have a long-term goal. One needs to think about long-term strategies to be successful. People might have money to invest, but if they do not use it to buy a property or land that will give them high ROI, all of their money will go to waste. Thus, one needs to be careful when investing. He also encourages people to use the financing facilities to invest in real estate for the future. Since borrowing money today has become easier, one can easily utilize them to invest with lesser risk.

When asked by a NY Magazine reporter about the reason behind his success, he stated that it is only because he loves his work that he is successful. He finds it easy to carry out his business as he does not have to follow strict business meetings and do so in flexible timings and places. One of his true love, however, remains the biotech industry, where he continuously invests in. He has invested in many cancer treatment researches and would continue to do so.

Arthur Becker is currently overlooking two important real estate projects, the townhouses in Sullivan Street, New York and another luxury condo in Tribeca, He is always on the lookout for properties in areas where the prices of the properties are expected to appreciate in the coming years. He is not afraid to take calculative risks, and most of his investments have been successful so far because of this.