George Soros: Supporting Groups to Change the World

George Soros is considered to be the contemporary history’s most influential person. He has an incredible amount of wealth coming from his business empire, and he gives out billions of dollars to groups and organizations who are members of the Open Society Foundations. George Soros founded the Open Society Foundations in hopes that it will help create a world where everyone is considered equal, and everyone will be given basic human rights. The experiences of George Soros during the Second World War in the hands of the Nazis have molded him to be the compassionate person today who wanted to extend his arms for those people who are in dire need. Read more at Washington Times.

George Soros was born in Hungary, and as a child, he have learned the harsh lessons in life. His family had to hide all day in order not to be detected by Nazi soldiers. They have Jewish ethnicity, and once the Nazi soldiers have found out their whereabouts, they will be sent to the concentration camp without question. After the war, George Soros decided to move to London to study, and after he graduated, he eventually moved to the United States and started being an investor and a businessman. Majority of his wealth came from a hedge fund that he founded, and the income that he was receiving from it was invested in a lot of corporations and stocks, which have raised his total wealth. He has the talent and skill in trading and handling finances, no wonder how George Soros became rich in a short period of time.

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Today, George Soros is focusing more on how he can help the people. He thought that he already have everything that he needs – he have a lot of money, and he can buy almost everything, so instead of keeping all the money for himself, he decided to give lots of it to charities, groups, and organizations that he support. One of the groups that he funded recently was those who are involved in the Ferguson Protests. It was reported that George Soros gave away $33 million to support these groups who are fighting for the rights of African-Americans. It stemmed down from the murder of Michael Brown by a police officer, and as the outcry from the people spread throughout the nation, groups supported by George Soros started to host a rally. Other groups coming from different parts of the United States have seen the movement, and by using the funds that they have in their arsenal, they mobilized their members and headed to Ferguson to join the protest. Buses of activists came into Ferguson to seek justice for the victim. George Soros wanted to show the world that with unity, people could overcome any obstacle, and justice could be served if everyone would stand for it. Know more on about George Soros.

U.S. Election Finance Reform Sought By End Citizens United

The End Citizens United group appears to be growing in supporters and political influence after being formed in 2015 with a limited aim of overturning the politically divisive issue of unlimited campaign funding that has blighted U.S. election cycles since it was introduced by the Supreme Court in 2010. The group has targeted the influence on elections of major donors, such as the Koch Brothers who have used their personal fortunes to support candidates who reflect their own beliefs, and in the view of End Citizens United are changing the policies of candidates who are battling to receive the patronage of these wealthy business people.


The short lifespan of the End Citizens United group has seen a huge level of funding flood into the organization to show just how dissatisfied the people of the U.S. have become with outside influences influencing major elections. During the 2016 election cycle the group raised around $25 million in its bid to raise awareness of the campaign finance issue and provide support for candidates who are friendly to the cause of campaign finance reform; this dedicated push to have a greater influence on the issue of campaign finances has seen End Citizens United become more involved with upcoming midterm elections in 2018, for which they hope to raise an impressive $35 million.


Average contributions towards End Citizens United have reached around $12 and upwards of $4 million had been donated by over 100,000 supporters during the first three months of 2017. Not only is the number of donors impressive over the short period of time in 2017, but the fact an estimated 40,000 donors had provided monetary support to End Citizens United for the first time has given fresh impetus to the group as they feel this level of first time support reflects the anger felt by everyday Americans across the nation.


The campaign materials of the End Citizens United PAC explain the major issue they are attempting to address is the political frustration many U.S. citizens feel as wealthy donors have taken the majority of power away from the average U.S. voter. Overturning the Citizens United Supreme court decision is no simple task and will involve gaining Congressional and state level support, which is why a major push has been made to back friendly candidates in midterms and special elections, such as the Congressional election in Georgia where End Citizens United hoped to raise $500,000 in support of a Democratic candidate in a traditionally Republican state. The decision to support Democrat’s was taken as the party and its politicians are more likely to support putting an end to the Citizens United decision, prompting End Citizens United to aim for $35 million in campaign contributions by the time of the 2018 midterm election cycle.