The Journey of Media Entrepreneur Norman Pattiz

Norman Pattiz is a media entrepreneur in the United States of America. Norman Pattiz ventured into the broadcasting business in 1976 after founding Westwood One radio Company. It’s the largest American radio network and the world’s leading Media Company. Westwood Company distributes networks to CBS News, NBC radio station, NFL Football, The Super Bowl and The Mutual Broadcasting System among others. Norman Pattiz worked at Broadcast Education Association where he was the president. Currently, he is part of the Pacific Council on International Policy and part of the Council of Foreign Relations.


In 2001, he was part of the Broadcasting Board of Governors after he was after appointed by President Clinton. The board ensures that they view all United States non-military broadcasting services that include Middle East broadcasting, Radio Liberty and The Voice of America among others. The contract ended, but he was reappointed by President Bush to be on the board again. He made a significant role in launching a radio station and television that uses the Arabic language so that the Middle East can receive information. Radio Sawa was the Arabic radio station and Alhura television station that has over ten million viewers weekly. He went ahead and also established a radio service that serves the Iran people who speak Farsi language. Learn more:


Norman Pattiz became part of a committee in the National Radio Hall of Fame. In 2010 he launched Courtside Entertainment Group. He got motivation from the low quality in the production and programming industry. He, therefore, decided to provide quality services in the entertainment industry. He also launched a Podcast One after studying the market and found an opportunity in the audio industry. The Company is one of the leading distributors and producers and has many celebrities including Laura Ingraham, Larry King and Chris Jericho among others. Learn more:


Norman Pattiz has received rewards like in 2009 he got awarded the Library of American Broadcasting. He also holds leadership positions in Lawrence Livermore he is the chairman of the board of members. The University of California appointed him to be a member of the regents’ board. The school has a department of Energy where he holds the chairman position.


Recently Norman announced that All of The Above show would be on Podcast The show’s producer and created by Norman Lear. Norman Pattiz said that this show would tune listeners from comedy, family, music, politics and current affairs. The show also will have topics that encompass the politicians, celebrities and everyone else who makes a difference.