Pointers to Select the Best Life Insurance Today

When it comes to selecting the best life insurance for you, it could get a bit challenging. This is a decision that you ought to make having set your priorities right.

You want to ensure that the insurance you choose is the best for you, thus, researching the topic is a wise idea. Below is an article that will offer you some guidelines on how to identify the life insurance that suits you best.

Term life insurance can be considered if you have a limited budget, but require a significantly large amount of life insurance. If you pass away during the policy term, the benefit rate is lower than that of other forms permanent life insurance.

At the end of the term, coverage is halted if you are still alive. However, it may continue if you renew the policy or buy a new one. You cannot create equity from cash savings in this form of insurance, unlike in permanent insurance. Learn more about Freedom Life Insurance Company: https://www.ehealthinsurance.com/ehealthinsurance/benefits/ifp/IHC-MultiState/IHC-MultiState-FreedomChoice-BR-0811.pdf

This type of life insurance can also be considered if you want one that will last for a particular period. This is because it allows you to compare the need for the term length of the policy. For this scenario, consider a person with young ones. To ensure that they have enough funds to allow them to study until college, one could consider selecting a 20-year term life insurance.

Another appropriate example is taking up this insurance to pay off a debt that is due within a specified time. It is important to note that the more you age, the more the premiums increase due to renewal.

WhitePages said that an example of a good Insurance company is the Freedom Life Insurance Company of America. It provides high-quality life insurance services and products. The company also offers credit, health, annuities, and also accident coverage products.

According to Bloomberg, the Freedom Life Insurance Company was previously known as the Consolidated American Life Insurance Corporation. This name was changed in the first month of 1986. In the year 1956, Freedom Life Insurance Company was incorporated, and its headquarters based in Fort Worth, Texas. Freedom Life Insurance Company of America is a US-HEALTH Group subsidiary.

Marc Sparks, a religious businessman with a passion for growth

Marc Sparks has dedicated his time and wisdom to growing young companies that seem feasible. As an entrepreneur, he understands the struggle in taking the entrepreneurship journey and he founded Timber Creek Capital to be an incubator for startups. Three companies are taken in by the Timber Creek Capital from time to time to train and grow them into successful business ventures. Marc admits that having a working space that is conducive partially impacts the performance of a business. At Timber Creek Capital, the companies that are taken in are mentored and given access to a networking platform that will allow them to have access to capital, marketing tools, and even banking facilities.



He shares some tips for his success and failures that earned him his position in his book, They Can’t Eat You. Marc uses his experience in entrepreneurship to guide others on the path they should take when starting and running their business in order to be successful. He has started multi-million companies that have collapsed in a short period of time while others have skyrocketed with profits. Marc Sparks has over 3 decades of experience in starting and running a business and he currently owns a handful of successful businesses. Besides his passion for business, qualities such as urgency to attend to matters and his faith have played a huge part in his success and persistence in business. As an entrepreneur, he takes the keen interest in listening to ideas and helping grow the ideas into successful businesses.



Marc Sparks is a man with many hats. Aside from being an entrepreneur and an author, he is a renowned philanthropist. He has taken part in the building of houses are affordable to families through Habitat for Humanity. He also takes his time in the activities of a shelter for the homeless, The Samaritan Inn, Texas. He has bought and given the children supported by Sparkey’s Kids laptops. Marc resides in Texas, the same State where he attended his high school. He considers himself an average student who depended on God’s grace to get to where he is.



He motivated his employees to act in the moment. Urgency is something Marc is very keen about and has instilled in the people he works with, he believes that procrastination is the mother of failure. When he takes the business ideas into consideration, he lays out short and long-term plans for all the ideas he takes into consideration. Learn more: http://www.prnewswire.com/news-releases/venture-capitalist-marc-sparks-announces-2nd-spark-tank-winner-300312985.html



Marc manages to keep up with his investments because he is not afraid of losing. He believes that wealth is a combination of having some good time with family and friends, enjoying good health, building a business with a supportive and happy team while maintaining satisfied customers.



Orange Coast College Gets Sizeable Donation From Reitred Professor

Since announcing the renovation of their campus planetarium to better accommodate their expanding student body and the growing community, Orange Coast College has been receiving donations from former students and faculty. But it’s former professor Mary McChesney that’s getting quite a bit of attention for a sizeable donation that stands as another selfless gesture in a decades-long career in education.


McChesney has been retired since 1983 but that hasn’t limited her involvement with the college by much. This 91-year-old has remained active with the Orange Coast College Foundation, putting her years of experience as an educator to better administer funds for scholarships to students coming to the college for first-time and those returning. That McChesney would also donate $1 million to the college struck many as unexpectedly generous, but Executive Director of the foundation Doug Bennett has said that this is very much in keeping with McChesney’s character, a woman who spent decades as an educator and had an equally long career as a member of the college’s foundation, preparing it to meet the changes in education.


The donation was made in honor of Adelyn Bonin, a fellow language professor and McChesney’s late partner. McChesney has stated that she hopes the donation gives students an opportunity to explore astronomy as a field of study and consider its offerings as an academic path for them to follow. This contribution will help make that a possibility by completing the construction of a Foucault pendulum, allowing for demonstrations of earth’s natural rotation.


The existing auditorium will be expanded to accommodate 129 guests at any given time, allowing Orange Coast College to provide more functions to students but also make the space available to the Costa Mesa community and its primary and secondary schools. Orange Coast College expects to open its planetarium in the fall semester of 2018.


About Orange Coast College:


Orange Coast College has been part of Orange County’s large community of higher education institutions since 1947. For more than 70 years tens of thousands from the Costa Mesa area have taken advantage of more than 135 academic programs provided by the college each semester.


With such a large student body, Orange Coast College has made it a priority to focus on the technological developments of the modern economy so students enter the real world better prepared to face dynamic challenges. This has helped Orange Coast College to remain first in Orange County when it comes to placing students in California State University and University of California colleges.