A Look At Some Fantasy Baseball Picks That Are On The Rise

Brandon C. Williams recently published an article on some top rotating picks for Major League Baseball fantasy leagues. Williams is a baseball fanatic and a keen follower and player of fantasy baseball. Here are some of his top rotating picks that are seeing a big rise in popularity as published on the NY Daily News.


One of the top rotating players outlined for fantasy football leagues by Brandon C. Williams was outfielder, Ben Gamel. This slugger has been brought to the Major League from the minor leagues where he now bats for the Mariners. Gamel has been on a hot streak lately with two home runs, 11 runs batted in and a whopping 373% batting average. Now a staple in the Mariners lineup, Gamel is seeing an increase in ownership. Williams states that this player also has a lot of potential for being a leader in stolen bases. This is if his stats in the minor leagues are a forecast of what is to come in the major leagues.


Another up and coming pick for rotating spots is first baseman Rhys Hoskins. This players has moved up from Double A to Triple A and is fast becoming a powerful batter with consistency. If you have the space or minor league team to hold him, pick him up.


One of the best ways to give your team an edge in the fantasy leagues is by looking at up and coming players such as those highlighted by Brandon C. Williams in his NY Daily News article. A great site to research players for your fantasy league MLB lineup is called Fantasy Alarm. You will have access to all kinds of metrics and info that can let you spot players that are rising stars.

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